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Typically, demand is generated either by the individual or the household as a group. For example, the entire family influences a household purchase, such as a sofa or TV. However, Individual purchases are personal to each consumer.

It is well understood that product preferences vary across different groups of consumers. These preferences relate directly to consumer age, gender, marital status, occupation - this kind of data is fundamental to any marketing strategy aimed at finding new customers, building loyalty and increasing lifetime value.

Age is an important factor to consider because personal expenditures change as individuals grow older. Purchases do not only change throughout a family’s life cycle, that holds true for individuals, as well.

Occupational concentrations of white and blue-collar workers are used as another gauge of a market’s taste preferences. Specialty apparel stores thrive in middle to upper income areas and those with above-average white-collar employment levels. Second-hand clothing stores and used car dealerships are successful in areas with a higher concentration of blue-collar workers.

All data is compliant with the latest ICO guidelines and DMA Code. Note - counts built Q3 2016.

Key Features of Personal Data

Our multi-channel data generation service provides prospect records based on your bespoke customer profile: select the most effective route to market from millions of channel contacts and via the UK’s largest data collection programme.

Dunsmore segments over 43.2m records of consumer data into basic criteria, without which most marketing campaigns will be simply inefficient.

Data universe

Data universe


Data on Gender

Data by age

Data by age

Marital status

Marital status


Data by occupation

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Multi-channel Approach

Dunsmore has a comprehensive multi-channel approach to our Personal Data. We offer the following channels of delivery:

Landline and mobile – Contact people directly on an on-going basis. As soon as they move into your target move periods then receive regularly refreshed data to deliver a seamless, high quality inbound and outbound marketing campaign.

Email and SMS – Send bespoke emails that written to congratulate and or introduce your products and services in a timely manner, in a way that consumers carry with them and can read time and time again. You may wish to offer a voucher or code that can be redeemed at the checkout, over the phone or on your website.

Postal – The tried and tested way. The opportunity to post offers with company literature and glossy brochures is stand out way to approach consumers over your competitors.

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