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Around 700K children are born in the UK each year. Almost 1 out of every 2 births today is a first birth, creating enormous marketing opportunities. Parents with new-borns become one of the largest spending segments available. Families outspend childless couples two-to-one on a variety of products and services.

The birth of a child, particularly the first child, is a major life stage event, which triggers a wave of consumer purchases broadly ranging from nappies, clothing, food and insurance to homes, home improvements, furnishings, cars and appliances.

The Parents data is analysed and refined into major stages of pre-natal and post-natal points along the “Birth Journey”. It allows businesses to successfully target any expectant mother, in the UK, from the third trimester throughout school age. We can also provide you the data on the size of UK households, including age and number of children per home.

Dunsmore Marketing offers the largest, most in depth, accurate and relevant UK Parents data. Our Parents data lists are updated monthly, adding fresh new names to the Parents Database on a continuous basis.

All data is compliant with the latest ICO guidelines and DMA Code. Note - counts built Q3 2016.

Expectant Parents - Marketing Opportunities

Adding a new child to a family often means purchase of a larger home, or a different type of care.

Our clients find it useful to overlap Parents data with Home Movers data and Automotive data, exploring broader opportunities for business development.

One way is to target new parents by square foot of home relative to number of persons in household and/or by years in current home. Similar principle can be applied to the size of vehicles per household.

Childs ages

Childs ages

Children per household

Children per household

Marital status

Marital status

If you require some more specific criteria please contact us now.

Multi-channel Approach

Dunsmore has a comprehensive multi-channel approach to our Parents Data. We offer the following channels of delivery:

Landline and mobile – Contact people directly on an on-going basis. As soon as they move into your target move periods then receive regularly refreshed data to deliver a seamless, high quality inbound and outbound marketing campaign.

Email and SMS – Send bespoke emails that written to congratulate and or introduce your products and services in a timely manner, in a way that consumers carry with them and can read time and time again. You may wish to offer a voucher or code that can be redeemed at the checkout, over the phone or on your website.

Postal – The tried and tested way. The opportunity to post offers with company literature and glossy brochures is stand out way to approach consumers over your competitors.

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