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Dunsmore Marketing is a total solutions partner for consumer data and qualified leads.

We strive to reach the right people, utilising rich and accurate consumer data and by generating exclusive, qualified leads that are always UK validated.

Climb high with Dunsmore – Like working under the sword of Damocles, our value is in the business conversions we start for you. We thrive on that and it drives everything we do.

UK Consumer Data

Dunsmore offers the UK’s largest and most trusted, multi-channel universe of c.43.2M consumers, covering over 400 variables.

Whether you need a complete consumer data universe or one-off datasets, whether you want to run initial tests or modify ongoing orders, we give you the flexibility and options at each point of your project and campaign.

We provide fully-licenced data via SFTP delivery or as an automated solution. Multi-layered data sets can also be segmented with variable attribute overlays and additional personalisation.

Our Home Movers data file of premier data plots around 95% of the 4.5M buyers and renters who move each year. Maintained continuously from 45 data sources, we divide Home Movers data into 9 key stages that allows the timely retention, acquisition and engagement of customers in verticals as diverse as Insurance, Utilities, Financial and Leisure.

We take compliance very seriously and work with City lawyers to keep ahead of the complex and ever-changing requirements. Preparations are being made for The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we anticipate implementation well before the 25 May 2018 deadline. Until the GDPR supersedes national laws such as the UK DPA, Dunsmore remains fully committed to them. As members of the ICO since 2011, we follow ICO guidelines, the DPA and the DMA code, and collect consumer data from a network of trusted, certified partners.

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Home movers data
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Qualified leads

Dunsmore is a leading provider of Qualified Leads and has a long history in lead generation that started with early CWI and LI funding under CERT. We invented the Memorable Word over 10 years ago to increase Lead recognition and loyalty, and this is now common place throughout the industry.

In January 2013, Dunsmore was a market leader in the provision of ECO1 insulation and boiler leads that continues today under ECO3. We are now making preparations for the new supplier obligation that will focus on the ‘fuel poor’ from April 2017.

Today, our popular types are boiler leads orientated including HHCRO non-gas (selections from Oil, LPG, Electric, Coal, Wood) and Able-to-Pay (ATP) cash and finance. Leads are provided by region and postcode, they are exclusive to you and are supported by a comprehensive replacement policy.

We source leads from non-incentivised web sites, web based forms and telemarketing. All leads are called for quality purposes and are delivered and managed via our on-line CRM. We employ an independent team of mature UK home-based workers that validate every lead for criteria and interest. This gives you the best ECO3 HHCRO Boiler leads to criteria that we can produce.

Dunsmore and our SLA partners strictly observe the DPA, TPS and other laws including Universal DNC screening to give you complete peace of mind.

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