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There has been a digital revolution for holidaymakers, and technological advances may see increased personalisation take off. Today, travellers can book their own flight and hotels online, or even stay at somebody’s home.

In the digital age, we’ve become a generation of DIY travellers who plan, manage and book travel online. Tour operators suffered the rise of independent travel and are today embracing the online and mobile channels in order of staying competitive, they have had to get smarter and adapt towards consumers’ expectations.

The next few years will see travellers requiring an increasingly personalised service, with companies able to suggest them customised products based on their profiles and past behaviour. Therefore, Dunsmore Travel and Holiday Data may become essential to beat the competitive market.

Holidays & Travel Marketing Data

The total number of visits abroad by UK residents has increased from 55.6 million in 2010 to a peak of 65.7 million visits in 2015. However, Brexit and other factors influencing strength of the UK currency, reflect in increased demand of local holidays and short breaks.

Our Home Movers Data file also can be a priceless marketing tool as the statistics show that over 30% of people who moved home, intend to have a holiday 3 months after. Most of them will travel within 12 months.

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Holiday destinations data

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Multi-channel Approach

Dunsmore has a comprehensive multi-channel approach to our Automotive Data. We offer the following channels of delivery:

Landline and mobile – Contact people directly on an on-going basis. Data suitable for a high quality inbound and outbound marketing campaign.

Email and SMS – Send bespoke emails that written to targeted vehicle owners in a timely manner that consumers can carry with them and read time and time again. You may wish to offer a voucher or code that can be redeemed at the checkout, over the phone or on your website.

Postal – The tried and tested way. The opportunity to post offers with company literature and glossy brochures is stand out way to approach vehicle owners.

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